Cuban Carnival Drumming

Cuban Carnival Drumming

Master the rhythm and sound of Cuba in this Cuban Carnival Drumming workshop series with Natalie Richy of Upbeat Rhythms.  

During Carnival, groups of drummers, often led by a cornet can be heard moving through the streets of Santiago de Cuba, playing the pulsing ‘Conga’ rhythm and beckoning nearby residents to join and dance in the streets conga line. In Havana the ‘Comparsa’ band ends the parade calling the people to join in and dance. Cuban Carnival Drumming is about celebrating community and bringing people together. 

This Cuban Carnival Drumming workshop series will run over three separate sessions at the Old Witta School and will culminate in performances at the 2018 Maleny Music Festival (MMF) as the band ‘Carnaval’. Suitable for experienced and novice drummers, you will learn the Conga and Comparsa rhythms, work on musical arrangements and prepare for the weekend performances. 

All drums and bells that can be carried are acceptable. There will be 15 drums available for hire at an additional fee for students who do not have their own drum. Drum bookings are essential to ensure you don’t miss out. Email if you require drum hire. 

Participants will be required to bring a black t-shirt for use in their costume. Upbeat Rhythms will provide the band with colourful sleeves. It is also advised that participants bring lunch for the full-day Saturday session.  

NOTE: Although the workshop series is designed to prepare you for a three-day performance at MMF, it is optional whether you perform or not. 

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