Listening Underwater - Live Immersive Performance

Listening Underwater - Live Immersive Performance

Immerse yourself in a world of sound - discover more than 100 aquatic soundscapes across the Sunshine Coast.  

During this immersive performance, you will enter a geodesic dome on the beach and be submersed in a sensory display of surround sound hydrophone (underwater) recordings. Aquatic images will be projected onto the walls of the dome, alongside narration of Gubbi Gubbi river and ocean stories. 

The work explores the scientific possibilities of aquatic eco-acoustics with recordings including snapping shrimp, aquatic insects, fish, turtles and dolphins that can all be indicators of ecosystem health. The hydrophone material is mixed with live streams and sculpted into immersive sonic environments using innovative spatial audio technologies and live processing. 

Don’t miss the accompanying self-guided Augmented Reality Experience

FRI 31 AUG - 5.30PM & 7.30PM - SOLD OUT


Looking at the surface of a river or marine ecosystem, it is virtually impossible to detect environmental changes. The impacts of climate change are often visible in terrestrial environments, yet dramatic changes in aquatic ecosystems can go unnoticed simply due to visibility. Listening to hydrophones (underwater microphones) provides access to a non-invasive way of understanding changing aquatic ecosystems.  

The featured locations include coastal mangroves in Mexico, frozen rivers in Norway, the iconic Great Barrier Reef and the coastline of Queensland including K’Gari (Fraser Island), a major transitory point for humpback whales on their southern migration. 


The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Sunshine Coast Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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