Secret Spaces, Hiding Places

Secret Spaces, Hiding Places

Come and help Wildlings Forest School create secret spaces and hiding places for the children and native animals of the Sunshine Coast.  

Research shows that having places for children to retreat to, to feel hidden from the world as though their parents aren't always watching, and a sanctuary where they can play imaginary games, is important for a child’s development.  

Your children can bring along their favourite stuffed toy animals and work together to build bamboo habitats, teepees and cubby houses for themselves and their furry friends. Don’t forget to decorate the hideaways with beautiful botanically-dyed sheets that will be provided.  

Bring a plate to share (nut free) and enjoy a picnic inside your creations once you’re done! 

This workshop welcomes all ages, but is tailored towards children aged 7 and under. 

Note: Meet in Parkland off Harry’s Lane before heading over to Buderim Forest Park. 

Wildlings Forest School was created by Nicki Farrell and Vicci Oliver, two high school teachers and nature enthusiasts who wanted to help families get children back outdoors to reap the social, emotional and physical benefits of being outside in nature. They are redefining where, why and how children are educated, with programs offered outdoors, in nature, no matter the weather. 

Wildlings Forest School's primary goal is to get children back outdoors and into nature on a regular basis to help them form a relationship with their local environment, so that they become the next generation of caretakers for it. 

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