Watercolour Pipe Organ Workshop

Watercolour Pipe Organ Workshop

Are you interested in robotics and remote communication strategies? Swedish artist and experimental digital creative, Jonas Pettersson will share his experience with programming techniques such as SignalR, node.js and other programming methods that make components talk remotely. He will detail the flow between web clients and servers using triggers and 3D printed parts.  

During this two-day workshop participants will put all of the components together, tune the pipes and oversee that everything is working. Jonas is aiming to make a 2-2.5 metre pipe, made from art paper and fitted with the 3D printed parts.  

It is up to the workshop participants whether or not they paint the pipe, however, this may be a challenge for participants of ‘Discover the Ancient Art of Cyanotype Printing Workshop’ to return to the studio and assist.  

Note: Materials will be provided, as well as morning tea and lunch.  

Program details

Artist-in-Residence Program

Discover the Ancient Art of Cyanotype Printing Sat 25 Aug 9am – 4pm The Yarooomba Beach Design Centre
Watercolour Pipe Organ Workshop Tues 28 Aug – Wed 29 Aug 9am – 4pm The Yarooomba Beach Design Centre
Meet the Artist –Jonas Pettersson (Open Day) Fri 31 Aug 10am – 4pm The Yarooomba Beach Design Centre

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